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A complete program to improve your dressage and WE skills and yourself

Welcome to the quest "Train to success in horseriding". European champion Hester Bischot and her mental trainer Jeroen Kos will help you to achieve more in dressage and working equitation. Starting with discovering your talent and your type of horse, you will make the right trainingplan. From there we will help you to improve your skills and provide you with information about training, competition and bring your horse in the perfect condition

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We are Jeroen Kos and Hester Bischot from Dalen, The Netherlands


I am a trainer/coach in personal development. I train and coach based on:

  • developing your talents
  • appreciative approach
  • challenging you to your dream


Hester is a 3 time European Champion dressage Lusitano and grandprix-rider. We've made a program to improve the rider and the horse is dressage.

Quest Curriculum

  • 6 Levels
  • Coaching By Jeroen and Hester
  • Community Support
  • Level 01

    What kind of rider am I

    Find out your strenghts and formulate your goals for the quest

  • Level 02

    Who is my horse?

    Find out the type of horse you have and adjust your goals

  • Level 03

    Setting up a good trainingplan

    Write your trainingplan and start doing it

  • Level 04


    Improve your techniques by watching the videos and follow the rider exercises

  • Level 05

    Caring for your horse

    Learn about the perfect caring for your horse

  • Level 06

    Good competition riding

    Find out about some great tips for good competition riding and start doing it

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